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About Loan Term Calculator

Most finance calculators display only the bare minimal result information, e.g. monthly payment, total paid and total interest paid figures.
If a more detailed analysis of for example, a current loan or possibly a new loan is required, this web site page and the other pages provide year by year term figures, of balances at year end and also the end of term total interest paid, total paid (capital + interest), how many years \months the loan actually took to pay off. Average interest amounts per year and month, over the term of the loan are provided.
Change the loan term parameters (input values) of any of the Calculators and see the resulting change in terms of the overall repayment period, interest paid and monthly payment in detail. This provides a chance to make a more informed decision on the terms of setting up or adjusting a new or existing loan.
The calculators here also enable a side by side view, in detail, of multiple loan or mortgage term repayment figures.


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